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Campaign Finance Reform

Pending legislation would curtail unlimited contributions for "party building activities" which is now a gaping loophole in the election laws which candidates use improperly to support their own campaigns, violating the purpose and intent of the law. We need to change the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules to take the money out of elections by banning paid radio and TV ads, just as we forbid alcohol and tobacco ads, and to require free time for candidates.

A recent FCC rule, under intense pressure from media conglomerates, gave television broadcasters free use of the new digital spectrum, with a value to them of $70 billion, while they successfully lobbied Congress to block efforts to get free time for candidates in return. The public airways belong to the people; the broadcasters are licensed to use them. Take action!Write to your Senator and Congressperson, asking that they turn the airwaves back to the people during election time and require free time for candidates.

Support the proposed Anti-Scofflaw Regulation, which would prevent the federal government from entering into contracts with companies that are chronic violators of labor, environmental, tax, antitrust, or employment laws.

Industry Profiles
Get information on money in the American Elections

Visit Take action!www.bettercampaigns.org to get information on how to get involved and make a difference in government campaigns.

Educate yourself on campaign finance reform.
Common Cause's "Washington Watchdog"
features a glossary of significant words and concepts related to campaign finance reform. Also provides contact information for Congressional Representatives.

Public Disclosure is a site dedicated to making government documents easily accessible to the public. Covers areas such as campaign finance research and analysis and links to government disclosure and reform projects.

Read Yahoo's campaign finance reform stories from leading newspapers and browse links to related magazine articles, editorials, audio/video files and related sites.


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