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Factory Farming

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The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) needs your immediate help to stop Congress and the Bush administration from seriously degrading organic standards. After 35 years of hard work, the U.S. organic community has built up a multi-billion dollar alternative to industrial agriculture, based upon strict organic standards and organic community control over modification to these standards.

Take action! Together we will take back citizen control over organic standards and preserve organic integrity! Call the Capital Switchboard and write your US Senators and House Representives at democracyinaction.org.

Visit Daily Kos and Organic Consumers for more information.


Opponents of country of origin labeling (COOL) are trying once again to delay its implementation by slipping an amendment into a House budget bill.  Let your Representative know you are watching!

Take action! The repeated delays on COOL are unacceptable! Send an email to your Representative, urging them to support Rehberg's amendment, and ensure COOL's timely implementation.

Press Your Lawmakers to Support Moratorium on Factory Farms

APHA, the largest professional society for US public health and safety officials entrusted with our health and wellbeing, has issued a call for local, state, and federal officials to enact a moratorium on any new factory farms because of their devastating effects on human health and the environment. Our health professionals are telling us THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW against building any more factory farms.

Take action! Call your members of Congress and your state and local officials and ask them to enact the moratorium on new factory farms called for by APHA to protect our health and communities.

Food Irradiation

Take action to protect country of origin labeling (COOL)!

The 2002 Farm Bill established mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL) for meat by 2004. The labels would be found on food sold in grocery stores, and would state what country the meat came from. This kind of labeling could benefit both consumers, who will be able to make an informed choice and buy food produced closer to home and/or from countries with high food safety standards, and producers, who need a way to identify their crops and livestock as products of the United States.

Since the 2002 Farm Bill, corporate agribusiness, especially the meat and grocery industries, have used numerous tactics to delay COOL and hope to ultimately kill the labeling. Indeed, Congress already successfully delayed its implementation until 2006. Early this month, COOL opponents introduced the Meat Promotion Act of 2005, which would switch country of origin labeling into a voluntary program. The House Appropriations Agricultural Committee thankfully did not include this voluntary legislation in the appropriations bill (thank you to those who made calls!), but they instead decided to delay mandatory COOL once again, until 2007.

Important Points:
---Voluntary COOL does NOT have the support of commodity industries covered by the bill.  In fact, over 170 agriculture and consumer groups support mandatory COOL, including one of the largest farm organizations and the 3 largest consumer organizations.
--- Every consumer survey conducted clearly indicates an overwhelming demand and even a willingness to pay a premium for the information provided by a mandatory COOL program.
--- Voluntary COOL is currently available and has been for a number of years, yet companies that import cheaper, often lower-quality food products have been unwilling to participate.  Voluntary COOL is like having a voluntary speed limit -- it is not realistic!

This continual delay is unacceptable. Consumers deserve to know where the food comes from, so they can make thoughtful choices.

Take action! Send an email to the your Representative, urging them to implement COOL in 2006, and not to delay it for another year.

Take Action on Irradiated Meat

On April 7, 2004 the New York State United Teachers union passed a resolution calling for: a moratorium on the use of irradiated meat in school food programs until the long-term effects on children have been studied and documented.

Meanwhile, one of the most prominent food irradiation companies, SureBeam, recently went bankrupt. But while SureBeam supplied many of the national supermarket chains with irradiated meat, there are still other companies in the business. Publix is still stocking irradiated meat, and needs to hear from their shoppers that this is a bad choice.

Take action! Send Publix a Free Fax!

Tell Your Supermarket "NO Irradiated Food!"

Most supermarket chains that previously carried irradiated ground beef had purchased their meat from SureBeam, the prominent food irradiation company that recently filed for bankruptcy. So now these supermarkets are searching for a new irradiated meat supplier. This is a great time to pressure stores NOT to resume sales of irradiated meat, but to keep it off their shelves for good.

The irradiation companies which are still in business use Cobalt 60 (a radioactive material). There are a host of problems with food irradiation facilities, especially for surrounding communities. In addition to a long list of accidents impacting workers and surrounding communities, the presence of cobalt 60 raises serious security questions for neighbors of such facilities.

Tell your supermarket that it is irresponsible to support a technology that has negative impacts on your health and the safety of communities burdened with irradiation facilities and ask them instead to stock sustainable, non-factory farmed meat.

Take action! To send a free fax, click here and select your state to find the supermarkets that carried irradiated foods.

Links to Other Factory Farm Action Alert Networks

There are many organizations working on all fronts to counteract factory farming and its negative impacts. Here is a sampling of those that need your help with direct action campaigns:

Public Citizen
The Public Citizen Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program web site features Action Alerts related to Food Irradiation, Energy, Nuclear Safety and Power, and Radioactivity.

Visit Factoryfarm.org for more organizations and web sites.


Don't stop now!  More action you can take:

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