Please Call Governor Pataki and tell him to call for the Immediate Closure
of Indian Point!
Acting upon your calls in the past Gov. Pataki hired Witt to evaluate the
evacuation plan; and then again this past January he did not certify the
evacuation plan in response to your calls, now its time to call him again.
(518) 474-8390

On July 25th in a two-page letter to Governor Pataki, FEMA certified the
evacuation plan for Indian Point claiming it adequate. Seconds later, the
NRC announced that it found the evacuation plan satisfactory. The
response from many of our elected officials has been one of outrage, threats
of lawsuits, and demands for congressional investigations, except from Gov.
Pataki. On August 1st, a week after the FEMA decision, the New York Times
was the only one to get a response from the Governors office and reported
that Gov. Pataki didnt want to shutdown the plants. The next day the New
York Times was forced to report that it had gotten the story wrong and the
headline read:

Pataki Says He Remains Undecided on Indian Pt.

This is not leadership. Governor Pataki knows full well that our emergency
plan for Indian Point is completely inadequate to protect the public safety
and that we cannot adequately protect the nuclear plant from a terrorist
attack. Furthermore, Governor Pataki understands that we would be a lot
safer with the plant shut down than with it operating. By not calling for
immediate closure and decommissioning, the Governor is avoiding taking the
only responsible position on this critical issue and is demonstrating a
complete failure to lead.

Governor Pataki may not have the power of FEMA or the NRC in this matter,
but he does have power and he needs to use it shut down Indian Point. With
courage and responsibility,
Pataki should:

Start Leading the Call for the Immediate Closure and Decommissioning of
Indian Point by using the bully pulpit of his office to advocate for public
safety above private profit and by using his relationship with the White
House to pave the way to closure.

Stop Hiding Behind the Witt Report and publicly admit that we do not have,
nor could we have, an evacuation plan adequate to protect the public.

Lead the Effort to Replace the Power at Indian Point by pushing for common
sense energy conservation measures/regulations from NYSERDA, by working to
import surplus energy to the region, and by developing plans to increase the
regions access to renewable energy.

Call Pataki and ask him why he is so afraid to Lead and to Protect the


Our Senators Also Need to Call for the Shut Down of Indian Point!

Please Call Senator Clinton (212) 688-6262 and thank her for expressing her
outrage at FEMAs decision and for calling for Senate Hearings into FEMAs
decision-making process. Explain that she also needs to call for Immediate
Closure and Decommissioning.

Please Call Senator Schumer 212-486-4430 and ask him what he has done about
Indian Point and explain that we need him to call for Immediate Closure and