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Activist Resources

Activist Resources

A comprehensive website that includes all U.S. Code, Administrative law, Congressional records, case law by federal district and the Supreme Court, the Constitution, court rules, all state laws and all law journals.

Search the Department of Energy database
An excellent search engine for the U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Environmental Management.

Do you need more time to write to our leaders?
Progressive Secretary is a free subscription service sending well written letters to the government on your behalf. Just a couple of clicks and you will forward persuasive letters to policymakers. Your personal information is never given out.

Activist's Guide to Research and Campaign on Transnational Corporations
Strategies and resources for researching transnational corporations. Excerpted from a Public Interest Research Group publication.

Cause Communications
Helps activists and non-profits publicize important issues; gives free media advice.

Capitol Advantage
The nation's largest publisher of Congressional directories. Also the developer of CapitolWiz, a grassroots legislative action tool with a $2500 annual subscription price.

Center for Environmental Citizenship
Dedicated to educating, training and organizing a diverse, national network of young leaders to protect the environment. Geared toward college students.

Congress.org is a private, non-partisan company that specializes in facilitating civic participation. Users can identify and contact elected leaders, follow representative's votes, post letters online and contact local and national media. Great for media campaigns, letters to the editor and op-eds.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Find text and summaries of all federal environmental laws on this site.

Dedicated to the free hosting of online petitions, no matter how big or small. Every signature on the site helps to donate money to users' preferred charities.

A political action site for citizens and their representatives in an effort to reconnect all Americans with their political system in an open, non-partisan online community.

Federal Register
The official daily publication for Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as Executive Orders and other Presidential Documents. Search the Code of Federal Regulations as well.

Library of Congress
The nation's oldest federal cultural institution. Preserves a collection of more than 119 million items, more than two-thirds of which are in media other than books. Includes the largest map, film and television collections in the world. Serves the research needs of the U.S. Congress and all Americans through its popular website.

The Library of Congress Country Studies
A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army. Most books deal with a particular foreign country, describing and analyzing its political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions, and examining the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors.

Committed to broadening participation to counter the influence of monied interests and partisan extremes, MoveOn is working to bring ordinary people back into politics by supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice.

E-government tool launched in January 2003 to facilitate public commentary on pending legislation. Users can search by keyword or relevant agency for current bills, and can send comments to legislators via an electronic form on the site or by mailing or delivering printed comments.

The Social Action and Leadership School for Activists
An evening learning program providing classes in the Washington, D.C. area on scores of topics in nonprofit management, communications, fundraising, direct action, and career development.

Take Action with Scorecard:
Concise list of options for networking, investigating, and taking action on pollution problems (including farm waste). (Environmental Defense Fund Scorecard site)

Websites for Environmental Activists:
A nice list of links including agencies, environmental orgs., and environmental search engines.

Working for Change Activism Site:
Good information about contacting major media, elected officials, and Congressional committes. For a quick start, see the Activism Tip page.

Worldwide Contacts

How to contact politicians, governments and luminaries around the world.

Political Resources on the Net
Listings of political sites available on the Internet, sorted by country. Contains links to parties, organizations, governments, media and more from around the world.

Directory of more than 60,000 federal, state and local government sites, searchable by ZIP code for localized information.

Vote Smart
Includes contact information for the President, Congress, Governors and State Legislators, voting records, positions on issues, status of legislation, members and committees, election results, and campaign finances. Users can access detailed information on any candidate running for federal, gubernatorial and state legislative office.

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
Government site that lists legislation, including text, bill numbers, status, co-sponsors, and roll call votes; the Congressional Record; and Senate and House committee information.

All the Embassies of Washington, D.C.
Includes the address, phone, fax, email, and country's website for all the embassies located in Washington DC.

United States Government Links Page
Includes information on US Government Departments, Agencies, Armed Forces, Library of Congress, and US Courts.

Address Directory - Politicians of the World
Contact information for Heads of State worldwide, including Monarchs, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Provincial Governors in 195 countries, as well as Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs Ministries worldwide.

Permanent Missions to the United Nations
Phone, fax and address for the permanent missions, mainly located in New York City.

Foreign Policy Forum
Contains links to foreign policy doctrines, agreements and treaties; international military sites; foreign policy centers, including international organizations, foreign ministries, think tanks, and Asian, North American and European centers, institutes and associations.

Governments On-Line
Government websites of the European Union Member States, as well as other European countries. Information provided varies from country to country, but mainly focuses on political and/or general information for each country.

Voter's Self-Defense Manual (free)
Contains Congressional members contact information, position statements, performance evaluations, voting records, campaign finance contributions.

Vote Smart Web Yellow Pages (free)
A vast directory of political information and resources on candidates running for every office from President to Congress, governor to state legislator. Also provides direct links to every major political site of value to citizens.

Reporter's Source Book (free online and as hard copy to political journalists)
Geared toward political journalists. Provides a concise overview of major national issues, as well as listings for sources such as interest groups, think tanks and academic experts in a wide range of social and political issue areas.

World World
Contains a vast assortment of links to media, organizations, and governments from around the world.

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